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    How Much Do You Want to Spend Overall? It's a hard subject to broach, but critical when planning a large project to know the budget allowed for the project. By sharing this information with your designer, you are able to plan how to most effectively apply your resources. Once clients and Lionheart establish the scope of the services for the project, a plan can be developed to help accomplish your goals within the budget and time frame established.

    A very large project can be broken down into phases. Clients may elect to complete all the interior finishes first, then add furnishings piece by piece. Or, a client may choose to do it all at once. Whatever method you choose, having a clear master plan insures against impulse buys and helps you achieve the desired results, a project meeting your expectations.

  • How We Charge for Services:

    The method by which Lionheart charges is as varied as the finished products and services we provide. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is expected on behalf of both parties. It is not unusual for a combination of fee methods to be utilized, depending on the scope of the project. 

    Retainers. A retainer fee is paid once an agreement has been reached to hire Lionheart. This outlines a figure that Lionheart feels will adequately cover both the designer’s and firm's initial time to plan the project. The fee may not be refundable, if the project is canceled, and often it is applied to the final billing when the project has reached completion.

    Fee Based. The designer reviews the project and submits a bid to complete the project as outlined at a set price. The fee is paid in increments throughout the life of the project or as items are received and delivered. This is most often used in commercial projects or large residential projects, as well as on small projects.

    By the Hour. The designer assists you on an as-needed basis, relaying ideas which you are free to implement as you see fit. The fees range from approximately $75-$300/hour and can often include travel time. Alternatively, travel time and expenses may be billed separately with mutual approval from the onset of the consulting.

    Cost Plus. The designer handles the design process and is paid to implement the purchase of goods for you on a cost-plus basis. These cost-plus arrangements can range from 20%-30% and usually include mark-ups on all charges, excluding freight and delivery charges.

    Hourly & Cost Plus. The designer charges by the hour for meetings with the client, time preparing specifications and budgeting, but handles the purchase of goods on a pre-determined “cost-plus” basis.

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